Enjoy Diving Trip in Ishigaki! — Paradise of corals and sea creatures

Hi there!

This is MIKA from Ishigaki 😉

Are you interested in diving?

Do you have a certification card??

If yes, you should go diving in Ishigaki!!

We have over 50 points in Yaeyama islands—Ishigaki, Iriomote, Taketomi, Kohama, Kuroshima, Hateruma, and Panari.

You can dive around a year without a drysuit!

shigaki, Iriomote

There are 200 dive centers in Ishigaki and the reporter of Japanese diving magazine visits every year.

Surprisingly, Ishigaki has been selected the best diving area in Japan for 17 years!!


Because we can dive all year around, there are beautiful coral gardens and great sea creatures—Manta rays, Sea turtles, Sharks, Pirate whales,  Anemone fishes(NEMO), Butterfly fishes, Garden Eels and Nudibranches!

Introduction Diving

Introduction Diving

Even if you don’t have a license, you can join to “Introduction Diving”.

Your instructor tells you some important skills of diving, and takes care of you at all!

You can rend some equipments for diving, ask them.

They let you dive 5-10m depth, and watch the beautiful view and fishes under the water!

You’ll never forget that experience forever.

Introduction Diving


If you don’t have enough confidence for diving, or you’re expecting, we recommend to participate “Snorkeling”.

You need only mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit.

It’s easier than diving, however, you can enjoy the tropical sea!

It’s easier than diving


For certificated divers, we provide fulfilling diving life.

We have many kinds of dive site; Points of Manta and Turtles, Corals, Sand areas, Drop off, Swim through, for Macro Pictures.


In spring, we can watch the copulation and egg laying of Giant Cuttlefishes in “Osaki Hanagoi Reef”, north-west side of Ishigaki.

Osaki Hanagoi Reef


In summer, we have a chance to go to Kabira and Yonehara area; north side of Ishigaki because of south wind.

You should request “Yonehara W Reef” for corals, “Kabira-Ishizaki” for Manta, “Yamabare” for turtles.

Kabira and Yonehara


In autumn and winter, you can dive in Nagura Bay; west side of Ishigaki.

There are some shallow coral areas, you can enjoy relaxed diving and taking a beautiful pictures!

west side of Ishigaki

 Yonaguni Island

Finally, do you know Yonaguni Island?

It’s next to Taiwan, the West most end of Japan.

Winter is the best season to dive in Yonaguni; there is a point of Hammerhead sharks and Mysterious Ruins of underwater!

They have a very strong current, that’s why “Drift Diving” is the normal stile in Yonaguni, not for bigginers.

(You need to take an air plane from Ishigaki Island to Yonaguni.)


Of course you can get the license of diving in Ishigaki!

It needs only 3 days to become a diver.

Search the shop, and ask them to make your great memories!!

Written by MIKA

(Twitter;MIKA@divingishigaki, Instagram;mika_divinginstructor_ishigaki)

Ask your questions and follow me!:)

I talk about the life in Ishigaki on Twitter, and put some pictures of Ishigaki and sea creatures.

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